5 tips for a successful video interview

5 tips for a successful video interview

More companies are embracing technology in the hiring process by opting for video interviews. When there is a large volume of applicants, video interviews are useful for narrowing down candidates in a significantly shorter amount of time compared to traditional face-to-face interviews. As technology advances and companies look for more cost-effective methods, video interviews may become a common fixture.

Here are five tips on how to complete a video interview successfully.

1. Find the ideal camera position and lighting

Before shooting the video, position the camera from your chest up and at eye level. Place your video recording device on a steady surface or stand to avoid shaky footage. Natural lighting is best, but if it’s not an option, make sure your lighting is bright enough but not glaring. Having light come from behind will make it difficult for the other person to see your face; always make sure the lighting is angled towards your face.

2. Avoid distractions in the background

Ensure that the background is free from clutter and other distractions. Plain walls such as white and grey are preferable. Position yourself in a well-lit area and don’t sit in front of windows to prevent backlight. Unless interviewing for a creative job, it is better to keep things simple to prioritise the interviewer’s ability to focus on the video. The advantage of video interviews is that you can shoot anytime, anywhere. Choose a quiet and relaxing place and a time with minimal noise.

3. Talk to the interviewer behind the camera

Although there may be nobody behind the camera, talk as if your interviewer is in the same room as you. Eye contact and body language are just as important in a video interview as they are in person. Look straight into the camera and don’t let your eyes linger away for too long. Maintaining good posture, eye contact and natural body movements are critical for displaying confidence and effective communication skills.

4. Dress just as you would for a face-to-face interview

Just because you won’t be directly meeting the interviewer doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care if your appearance makes a good impression. In video interviews, how you look in terms of your choice of clothing and hairstyles as well as facial expressions can have more bearing. Sticking to orthodox colours and patterns for clothing ensures that you look professional without drawing too much attention to your outfit.

5. Prepare and practice your delivery

Check in advance whether the length and content of the video are specified. It may be tempting to memorise a script, but this can sound unnatural. Instead, organise your answers in an easy to understand way such as using bullet points. Go through your notes several times until you have built up your confidence to respond to answers naturally. Start recording the interview and check whether adjustments in the camera position, lighting or volume need to be made. With proper preparation and practice, you will be able to present yourself in the best way possible in front of the camera. 

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