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Our outlook for 2022 in Korea

With the Korean government’s initiation of “Living with COVID-19”, limited consumption is expected to revive in 2022. Noticeably, hiring in the travel, retail, and luxury sectors has already started in the second half of this year, and we expect hiring needs to remain firm. Professionals in IT services, semiconductors, mobility, artificial intelligence, big data, and secondary batteries were highly sought after, and this is expected to continue next year.

Although candidates remained cautious about moving companies in 2021, a rising number of them will begin to actively look for new opportunities, intensifying the talent war. As many companies are employing flexible working hours, effective contact-free communication becomes even more critical. Companies should streamline and expedite the hiring process and make use of online interviews whenever possible. In a remote working environment, workplace flexibility and ownership will be highly emphasised.

JunWon Choi
Country Manager, Robert Walters Korea