• Tips for Successful Job Searching While Utilising Remote Interviews

    While online job interviews have been an effective, cost-saving method for companies even before COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic has seen an exponential rise in the use of remote interviews. Since job interviews will continue to be conducted remotely for the time being, here are six tips to successfully land a job even without meeting your interviewer face-to-face.
  • New style of work: five measures HR should take

    COVID-19 continues to leave a lasting impact and some aspects of life may never be the same, including the way we work. To help adapt to the new normal, we have prepared a guide for HR departments on how to approach work styles.
  • What to expect in the new normal

    Covid-19 has challenged some of the preconceived views on employee productivity in the office. So, what can we expect in the new normal? Based on findings from our global survey on the future of work, we discuss potential changes in three main areas of work.
  • How to manage the hiring process remotely

    You don’t have to put your hiring process on hold when face-to-face meetings are not an option. With current digital tools, the hiring process can be digitised to enable you to hire talent remotely.
  • How to stay connected to your colleagues when working from home

    Maintaining communication with teammates is especially important when working remotely but is sometimes easier said than done. Here are tips on how to stay connected to colleagues when working from home.
  • How to effectively manage your staff remotely

    With the rise of remote working, businesses need to ensure that their managers and team-leads are well geared up to ensure successful remote management that drives productivity in their remote workforce.