Getting the best from a recruitment consultancy

Recruitment consultancies have access to the best jobs in the market with many of the biggest and most well-known companies.

Developing a close relationship with your recruitment consultant can be the difference between landing your dream role and not even being aware that it exists. But how do you get the most from the relationship?


Go to the Initial Meeting Prepared

Most recruitment consultancies will want to meet you in person before formally submitting your CV to a hiring manager. The initial meeting will generally involve a discussion about your reasons for wanting a new job, the type of role(s) you are interested in and a discussion around the positions the consultant feels might be appropriate for you. It is important during this initial meeting to come across as professional and employable. To make sure you are fully prepared, access Robert Walters interview tips and advice.

Be Clear About What Job You Want

Job-seekers who approach recruitment consultancies are obviously looking for a career change. But it is essential that the job seeker fully considers the reasons for their move. While it is good to be open to new opportunities, it is best to research and consider the type of role that will best support your goals. This will ensure you and your recruitment consultant only focus on roles that will advance your career in the right direction for your next step.

Browsing the recruiter’s website before the meeting can also be very valuable in order to ascertain which jobs you may be interested in. 

Developing a close relationship with your recruitment consultant can be the difference between landing your dream role and not even being aware that it exists.

Keep in Touch with Your Recruiter

Recruitment consultants meet a lot of talented professionals each week, so it is important you keep in touch with a weekly phone call or email. They also often host networking evenings for candidates – if you are invited to one of these types of events, try your best to attend as it not only keeps you at the front of your consultant’s mind, but it also allows you to find out about the latest market trends and new jobs that may have become available. 

Take Advantage of a Recruiter's Expertise and Knowledge

Make sure you tap into your recruitment consultant’s knowledge as much as you can. They are industry specialists and work closely with hiring companies so they will be able to tell you about the hottest jobs available and the types of skills that employers are currently seeking. When you secure an interview, your recruitment consultant will know the interviewer and will therefore be able to give you some pointers about what to expect. Although this knowledge will by no means secure you a job, it will help you prepare for the interview to ensure you can best display your strengths.

Ask Your Recruitment Consultancy for Feedback

Ask for your recruitment consultant’s feedback to help improve your interview performance in the future. After your meeting, your recruiter will typically call you to discuss the interview further, so ask your consultant questions to ensure you receive valuable advice to help you secure your desired position.


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