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FMCG sales

Fast moving consumer goods sales, commonly known as FMCG sales, can be one of the most exciting areas of sales to work in. Here we look at what it involves.

Impressing at performance review

Reviews are a great opportunity to discuss your future plans and potential opportunities for personal growth and development strategies.

Importance of corporate culture

The values of a corporate culture influence the dynamics in an office, the ethical standards within a corporation.

Tips for successful networking

The power of face-to-face meetings should not be underestimated for fostering useful personal connections.

Preparing for career move

Career changes take commitment and can be a stressful time if you’re not prepared. So if you are looking for a new challenge, follow these tips.

Managing an increased workload

Once you are able to prove you can handle the extra workload, many more options will become available to you for advancing your career.

Managing poor performance

While many companies have strategies in place for recruiting and hiring employees, often less thoroughly structured are strategies for managing performance.

Getting recruitment consultancy

Developing a close relationship with your recruitment consultant can be the difference between landing your dream role.

Fundamentals of management

When people think about leadership, they will undoubtedly turn to their senior management to provide it.